Wednesday, 27 August 2014

ZOHO Interview Process :) :)

Zoho Interview Process
Zoho which is a multi production company reli on its employees.
Its Interview process goes on long and long tedious process..
but nothing to worry ..
it will be your turing point in life either by giving success or experience
The interview process may occupy two to three days based upon their need...
Interview process - My Experience
Round 1: 02:15 min extra time will be given 15 min
40 questions full program
first 10 questions will carry 1/2 mark each....
 - just finding the out put of the program
second 5 questions carry 1 mark each
 - simple error predicting and modification of program
third 5 questions carry 1 mark each
 - simple output predicting program
fourth 10 questions carry 1 mark each
 - simple input predicting program
fifth 5 questions carry 1 mark each
 - find out similar programs producing similar outputs
sixth 5 questions carry 1 mark each
 - find the order of function call from the main section to get the output.
Round 2:
Phase I: /* depending upon the number of candidates the number of phases may increase */
Will give you a question paper consists of 3-4 problems
solidly it took 4 hours
After completeion questions will be given to you which may contain other set of questions
i was given the following problems.

1. To calculate the summatiom of odd numbers between the given limit.
Sample test case:
22 55
23 27 29 31 37 41 43 47 51 53

2. To odrer the number in Desending order in the manner of their factors.
Sample Test case:
3 13 15 21 5 80
80 21 3 13 15 5

3. To print the number in letters
Sample test case:
one hundred and twenty one
thirty three
/* END of phase1 in round 2*/
/* I got selected and pass on to phase 2 */
Phase 2: this round just simply follows the phase I principle and question paper follows.
Same here solidly it took 4 hours.
in this round you will not be given all the question at time.
instead you will be given a question by question...
time of completion will also be noted.
1. to print the m x n matrix in the following format.

x x x x x x x
x o o o o o x
x o x x x o x
x o x x x o x
x o o o o o x
x x x x x x x

2. form universsal set of numbers, have to find the subset of number which satisfy the stipulated conditions
Sample test case
{ 1,3,4,5,6,7,9}
{1,5} {3,6} {4,5} {1,5,6} {4,5,6} {1,5,9} {4,5,9}

3. to predict the lines whether it is parallal, intersecting or overlapping lines
 with four co ordinators given.

i quit from this stage... :) :)

Make everything simple yaar... :)
dont be complex ...
simple will always be wanted ... :) :)
All the best do well

Thank you
For reading the post

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